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Rumble is ready for a $2 billion SPAC – The Verge

15.09.2022 — The YouTube alternative is one of the most successful companies to come out of Trump’s censorship war with Big Tech.

The far-right’s favorite video sharing platform, Rumble, is set to go public next week after a successful shareholder vote. The YouTube alternative is one of the most successful companies to come out of Trump’s censorship war with Big Tech.

Donald Trump und die große Verschwörung – YouTube

Donald Trump ads will take over YouTube for Election Day – The Verge

22.02.2020 — YouTube’s homepage will feature ads in support of Donald Trump’s reelection campaign on election day 2020, Bloomberg reported on Thursday.

YouTube’s homepage will be filled with ads supporting Donald Trump’s reelection campaign on election day 2020. He did the same thing ahead of the first Democratic debate.

Machine Gun Kelly, Ninja Makes History, Youtube Changes …

Updated: Machine Gun Kelly, Ninja Makes History, Youtube Changes, Kavanaugh Delayed, & Trump – YouTube

18.09.2018 — Updated: Machine Gun Kelly, Ninja Makes History, Youtube Changes, Kavanaugh Delayed, & Trump · Key moments. View all · Key moments · Description.

Update to first story: out – an affordable private online counseling with li…

Off the Edge: Flat Earthers, Conspiracy Culture, and Why …

Off the Edge: Flat Earthers, Conspiracy Culture, and Why People Will Believe … – Kelly Weill – Google Books

Putin pulls out of nuclear treaty that Trump thought was bad deal: Fred Fleitz … Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly informs Americans on the top news that impacts …

“A deep dive into the world of Flat Earth conspiracy theorists . . . that brilliantly reveals how people fall into illogical beliefs, reject reason, destroy relationships, and connect with a broad range of conspiracy theories in the social media age. Beautiful, probing, and often empathetic . . . An insightful, human look at what fuels conspiracy theories.” —Science Since 2015, there has been a spectacular boom in a centuries-old delusion: that the earth is flat. More and more people believe that we all live on a pancake-shaped planet, capped by a solid dome and ringed by an impossible wall of ice. How? Why? In Off the Edge, journalist Kelly Weill draws a direct line from today’s conspiratorial moment, brimming not just with Flat Earthers but also anti-vaxxers and QAnon followers, back to the early days of Flat Earth theory in the 1830s. We learn the natural impulses behind these beliefs: when faced with a complicated world out of our control, humans have always sought patterns to explain the inexplicable. This psychology doesn’t change. But with the dawn of the twenty-first century, something else has shifted. Powered by Facebook and YouTube algorithms, the Flat Earth movement is growing. At once a definitive history of the movement and an essential look at its unbelievable present, Off the Edge introduces us to a cast of larger-than-life characters. We meet historical figures like the nineteenth-century grifter who first popularized the theory, as well as the many modern-day Flat Earthers Weill herself gets to know, from moms on vacation to determined creationists to neo-Nazi rappers. We discover what, and who, converts people to Flat Earth belief, and what happens inside the rabbit hole. And we even meet a man determined to fly into space in a homemade rocket-powered balloon—whose tragic death is as senseless and absurd as the theory he sets out to prove. In this incisive and powerful story about belief, Kelly Weill explores how we arrived at this moment of polarized realities and explains what needs to happen so that we might all return to the same spinning globe.

Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly: The Daily Show – YouTube

Cry Havoc: Charlottesville and American Democracy Under Siege – Michael Signer – Google Books

The former mayor of Charlottesville delivers a vivid, first-person chronicle of the terror and mayhem of the August 2017 “Unite the Right” event, and shows how issues of extremism are affecting not just one city but the nation itself.The deadly invasion of Charlottesville, Virginia, by white nationalist militias in August 2017 is a microcosm of the challenges facing American democracy today. In his first-person account of one of recent American history’s most polarizing events, Michael Signer, then Charlottesville’s mayor, both tells the story of what really happened and draws out its larger significance.Signer’s gripping, strikingly candid “you are there” narrative sets the events on the ground-the lead-up to August’s “Unite the Right” rally, the days of the weekend itself, the aftermath-in the larger context of a country struggling to find its way in a disruptive new era. He confronts some of the most challenging questions of our moment, namely how can we:Reconcile free speech with the need for public order? Maintain the values of pragmatism, compromise, even simple civility, in a time of intensification of extremes on the right and the left?Address systemic racism through our public spaces and memorials?Provide accountability after a crisis?While Signer shows how easily our communities can be taken hostage by forces intent on destroying democratic norms and institutions, he concludes with a stirring call for optimism, revealing how the tragic events of Charlottesville are also bolstering American democracy from within.

Cry Havoc: Charlottesville and American Democracy Under Siege

Media Ventriloquism: How Audiovisual Technologies Transform the Voice-Body … – Google Books

“Media Ventriloquism repurposes the term “ventriloquism,” which has traditionally referred to the act of throwing one’s voice into an object that appears to speak, to reflect our complex vocal relationship with media technologies. Indeed, media technologies have the potential to separate voice from body and to constitute new relationships between them that could scarcely have been imagined before such technologies’ invention and mass circulation. Radio, cinema, television, video games, digital technologies, and other media have each fundamentally transformed the relationship between voice and body in myriad and often unexpected ways. Our volume interrogates the categorical definitions of voice and body as they operate within mediated environments, exploring the experiences of ventriloquism facilitated by media technologies and theorizing some of the political and ethical implications of separating bodies from voices. We build in particular on Steven Connor’s notion of the vocalic body, which he coined to identify an imaginary body that is created and maintained primarily through voice. In modifying Connor’s term to theorize the “technovocalic body,” we focus our study on cases in which the relationship between voice and body has been modified specifically by media technologies. The essays in the collection demonstrate not only how particular bodies and voices have been been (mis)represented through media ventriloquism but also how marginalized groups – racialized, gendered, queered, etc. – have used media ventriloquism to claim their agency and power”–

Media Ventriloquism: How Audiovisual Technologies Transform …

The Minds of Mass Killers: Understanding and Interrupting the Pathway to … – P. Shavaun Scott – Google Books

Public mass killings are becoming more common. Though the chances of being harmed or killed in a mass shooting are slim, each incident affects the public’s sense of safety. There are many myths and falsehoods concerning mass murderers. As a result, the public lacks reliable knowledge about the reasons behind such killings, preventing the development of comprehensive strategies to mitigate the violence. Written by a mental health therapist with thirty years of clinical experience in violence prevention, this book clarifies the realities of mass killings. Using research from forensic psychology, it provides a foundation for understanding the “pathway to violence” identified in the personal histories of many mass murderers. Drawing from criminology, neuroscience and developmental and social psychology, the author makes the case that we are all capable of creating a safer society.

The Minds of Mass Killers: Understanding and Interrupting …

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